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Robert Preston
Josh was knowledgeable and polite. I would recommend Comfort Technologies to anyone for their HVAC needs.
Robert SP Page
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Ethan Hughes
Josh was able to quickly review my problems and provide honest pricing that beat local competition significantly. Comfort Technologies then provided great communication during install for a high quality system. HVAC is already expensive enough, don’t let some of these other installers price gouge your install.
Jessica Farris
Already impressed with this company.
Josiah Burrows
Danny Rawlings
Josh, Drew, and Brad did a wonderful job with the install of our new system. They replaced an old unit upstairs in our house and installation only took one day. There was a minor hiccup and they had to return the next morning, but the issue was immediately resolved. We are thankful for their quick and timely service and plan on calling them this fall for another install.
Chad Brummette
Mart Blanton
Very satisfied with there installation Very nice to deal with all around good experience
Gary Cummings
Josh did an excellent job, very informative, job was done in a day, but he found a glitch and came out next day tracked it down. All good and was done correctly. Josh respected our home and wore shoe covers every time he came in. Would highly recommend Josh to do any heat and cooling issues
Kari Whitt
Josh and his team were great to work with! We’ll definitely use them again.
Brendan O
They were quick and responsive. They were also affordable relative to the other options available. They even let us use several space heaters to keep our house warm and safe temporarily until the new furnace could be installed. Finally, they were also patient and understanding when we had a delay with payment due to a credit card snafu. All in all, they did excellent work and I would highly recommend them.
William Bickett
Josh was very informative to all my questions and concerns. He was very polite and kind as well. Definitely please with his work.
Lester Miller
Terrific Company with dedicated customer service. Very professional and trustworthy. I highly recommend to anyone looking for HVAC work.
Tammy Powell
Just in the bidding process but very impressed with this company.
Gary Grigsby
Troy Smith
Josh and his techs have always been great.
Jeff Whittemore
He done a wonderful consultation with me I recommend there services
Michael McNeil
We own a condo at Campus Downs in Lexington that we rent out to UK students. Josh and his crew put a new HVAC system in summer of 2021. Sept of 2023 the tenants called about an issue that the A/C was not cooling around 1:30 in the afternoon. Texted Josh about the issue. He was able to get there by 4:00 the same day and was able to diagnose and fix the issue. (Was a clogged drain that I need to be more proactive and check regularly during A/C season). The renters were happy and I am a very happy customer. Josh is very reliable and professional. I highly recommend Comfort Technologies for your HVAC needs.
Glenn Schroeder
Have been working with Josh at Comfort Technologies on a number of HVAC issues. Always responsive and informative whether I have HVAC issues or just need routine servicing and checkups. Had a plumbing problem occur while Comfort Technologies was working on my HVAC system. Josh and his team went to great lengths to fix the problem even though it was outside of their scope of work. This impressed me a lot. This is the kind of company I want to do business with in the future when it comes to my HVAC system.
Erika H
They installed my HVAC unit during COVID and were able to procure all of the necessary equipment needed. I continue to call on them for my yearly maintenance & when something seems amiss. Great communicators & timely service. I have & will recommend to my friends & family.
Timothy Milberger
Everything was top notch. Price, support, speed, knowledge, etc. They went above and beyond to solve problems and get a new system installed at a great price, very quickly. A rare find for sure.
Gary Foster
Overall I'm very satisfied with Comfort Technologies and my new system. My impression is that Josh Moore is an honest guy who knows his stuff. They worked hard, protected my floors, and cleaned up afterward.
We have gas furnace and AC systems replaced by Comfort Tech. Josh and his crew did an excellent job. Very professional. Highly recommended.
Ann Fuqua
I am thrilled with the honest and professional service that Josh provided. He arrived on time got to work and was able to get my home cool and gave me ways to help by HVAC work it’s best. I had a service contact with a major company who were very nice but the minute I had a concern they said I needed a new unit. So Josh was able to provide a second opinion, which was the best call I have made in years!
Zanele Zondo
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